Public Notice

Corona Equipment COVID-19 (Made in Pakistan)

            The Ministry of Science and Technology has requested for promotion of the enclosed list of Medical products made in Pakistan. The Ministry has nominated Ms. Sara Sheikh as focal person in this regard. She can be contacted on +92-321-4008004.

Product Categories: 

  • Non-Woven: Body Suits/Gown (Coveralls)
  • Fabric Body Covers
  • Face Masks
  • Face Protection Equipment
  • Hospital Supplies
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Temperature Equipment


Sample Product List:

  1. Laminated PP Suit Non-Woven 70GSM (40 GSM fabric/30 GSM Lamination)
  2. Laminated PP Suit Non-Woven 90 GSM (60 GSM fabric/30 GSM Lamination)
  3. Non-Woven Disposable PP Suits 60 GSM
  4. Doctor Coat Fabric
  5. Patient Gown (Paramedic staff) Blue
  6. Patient Gown (Paramedic staff) white
  7. Micro Fabric Laminated Suit
  8. Hospital Sheets
  9. Fabric Gown Paramedic Staff
  10. 3ply Masks 60 GSM
  11. Cotton Masks
  12. Face goggles
  13. Face Shield
  14. Hand Sanitizers
  15. Thermometer Contactless