Application Type

Renunciation of Nationality
Jurisdiction of the Embassy


Residents of the following states are provided with consular services at the Embassy of Pakistan Berlin.

Required Documents

The Embassy of Pakistan, Berlin accepts documents for the renunciation of Pakistan nationality which will then be forwarded to Ministry of Interior. The Ministry of Interior takes at least five to six months to process a case. The nationality of child below 21 years of age can only be renounced with the application of his/her father provided the child is living abroad and the German government has also given an assurance letter for the child.

Following documents must be provided for the Renunciation of Nationality:

*  All Photocopies must be made on A4 size Paper. Please DO NOT Pin or staple your documents.
*  It is advised to keep copies of your Pakistani Documents for yourself before submitting to Embassy.
Please note that the renunciation certificate received from concerned authority in Pakistan will only be handed over to the applicants on submission of valid pakistani passport (in origional) and CNIC/NICOP (in origional).


  1. Copy of Bank Receipt of Euro 15/- for adults (above 21 years age) and Euro 5/- for each child included in Form “X”.

IBAN DE26 1004 0000 0266 7897 00
Account No. 0266 7897 00

  1. Form-X and Particulars duly typed & attested by Notar alongwith 01 photocopy
  2. Computer Performa duly filled (Sr. No. 4-12)
  3. Assurance letter(Einburgerungszusicherung) translated in English and attested by Notar
  4. Assurance letter (Einburgerungszusicherung) for the children whose nationality is to be renounced with their father. Please note that the names of those children may not be entered in Form “X”, who already have German nationality or have no assurance letter(Einburgerungszusicherung).
  5. All previous invalid passports (in original) alongwith two photocopies(pages from 1-4) or Affidavit as applicable.
  6. Two photocopies of the valid passport (pages from 1-4)
  7. Copy of Valid CNIC / NICOP.
  8. Two copies of page containing valid visa or Visa Card/valid Ausweis/aufenthaltstitel as applicable attested by (Notar)
  9. Six recent photographs in white background. (Please paste 1 of them on Form-X)
  10. Photocopy of the names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of two persons in Pakistan who could confirm your antecedents.


  1. Original Receipt of Payment of Euro 15/- (Do not make a copy if you are paying by card at Embassy).
  2. One copy of Form – `X` and Particulars
  3. One copy of Computer Performa
  4. One Copy of the letter from  Assurance letter (Einburgerungszusicherung) with translation
  5. One photocopy of the valid Pakistani Passport pages from 1 to 7. (See Page numbers on Passport).
  6. One photocopy of expired Pakistani Passport from Page No.1 to 7 (See Page Numbers on Passport) or Affidavit as applicable.
  7. Copy of Valid CNIC / NICOP.
  8. One photograph, Please Paste it with Gum on Form X.
  9. Two self addressed prepaid envelopes of medium (C5 or E65) size. (EINSCHREIBEN).
  10. One photocopy of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of two persons in Pakistan who could confirm your antecedents.
  11. Copy of valid Visa/Ausweis/aufenthaltstitel.

For the persons who already have German and Pakistani Nationalities and want to renounce Pakistani Nationality at the age of 21 years.

  1. Certificate of Naturlaisation (Einburgerungsurkunde) translated in English and attested by Notar
  2. Copy of Valid German Passport and Valid German ID Card (Ausweis) attested by Notar.
  3. All other remaining documents as listed above.

Issuance of Renunciation Certificate

The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports, in Islamabad, is responsible for issuing renunciation certificates. It is not an online procedure. The entire process may take 3-4 months from the time the renunciation application is submitted until the renunciation certificate is issued. If the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports needs further information from the applicants, this time frame may be extended.

The applicants, after confirming that their Renunciation Certificate has been received in the Embassy, can collect it in person by visiting the Mission or by post after presenting the latest Original Pakistani passport, original Pakistani Identity Card and NADRA’s email regarding cancellation of Identity Card.

Cancellation of Pakistani Identity Card

For cancellation of Pakistani Identity Card the applicants may visit the following link:

Processing Time

  • Duration of the renunciation varies from case to case.
  • Usually it may take upto 12-16 weeks time.
  • Delays may occur owing to clearance of documents by various quarters concerned in Pakistan


  1. Form-X and Particulars duly typed & attested by Notar alongwith 01 photocopy
  2. Computer Performa duly filled (Sr. No. 4-12)


Phone: to 030-21244206