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List of Renunciation Certificates

Event Date: Feb 17,2019
Event Time: 00:00:00
Venue: Embassy of Pakistan, Berlin
Participation: Invitation

 The Embassy has received following Renunciation Certificates in respect of the following individuals:


              2013 to 2016

1.     Hana Farooq d/o Farooq Ahmed Javed

2.     Muhammad Farooq Khan s/o Ghulam Rasool Khan

3.     Sania d/o Sh. Muhammad Akram

4.     Shazia Malik w/o Syed Nasir Ahmed

5.     Hassan Ahmed Naeem S/o Mubashir Ahmed

6.     Faroza Kainat Bhatti d/o Naeem Ahmed Bhatti

7.     Maqbool Ahmed S/o Ch. Mahmood Ahmed

8.     Rehan Aslam s/o Muhammad Aslam

9.     Faruq Ahmed Malik S/o Ijaz Ahmed Malik

10.  Aurusa Arif Ismaeel W/o Luqman Jafer

11.  Sanam Ahmad W/o Saeed Ahmad

12.  Hamed Altaf S/o Muhammad Altaf

13.  Ussama Mustafa S/o Ghulam Mustafa


14.  Kaser Mahmood S/o Yaser Mahmood

15.  Nughman Arshad S/o Muhammad Arshad

16.  Kashif Rizwan S/o Muhammad Amin Khalid

17.  Hummer Ahmad Qayyum S/o Fazil Qayyum

18.  Umair Ashraf S/o Muhammad Ashraf

19.  Ali Hamza Ghaus S/o Ghulam Ghaus

20.  Muhammad Ibrahim Aslam S/o Muhammad Aslam

21.  Ali Adnan Chaudhry S/o Abdul Qayum Chaudhry

22.  Atiyatul Talha W/o Muhammad Talha

23.  Rana Adil Afzal S/o Muhammad Rizwan Afzal

24.  Zaid Ejaz S/o Ejaz Ahmed

25.  Sarfraz Ahmed S/o Manzoor Hussain

26.  Mudassar Ahmad S/o Muzafar Ahmad

27.  Omer Rashid Ahmad S/o Abdur Rashid Shad

28.  Yaseen Aslam S/o Muhammad Aslam

29.  Haseem Usman S/o Muhammad Usman

30.  Sonja Jamal W/o Umeer Jamal

31.  Muhammad Haseeb Akram S/o Chaudhary Muhammad Akram

32.  Abdul Razzaq S/o Abdul Rahim

33.  Sajid Iqbal S/o Ghulam Qadir

34.  Hibatul Noor D/o Muhammad Arshad

35.  Moona Munir D/o Muhammad Munir

36.  Asia Ahmad W/o Basharat Ahmed

37.  Sana Basharat W/o Danish Ahmad

38.  Zain Farooq W/o Aqib Farooq

39.  Rafakat Shah S/o Liaqet Shah

40.  Zahida Khilji W/o Mahmood Khilji

41.  Mikal Masood Ahmed S/o Feroze Ahmed

42.  Shazia Qayum W/o Abdul Qayum Bhatti

43.  Amir Bashir S/o Muhammad Bashir

44.  Sheikh Hafiz Muhammad Azeem S/o Sheikh Nazir Ahmed

45.  Zeeshan Khalid S/o Khalid Javed

46.  Muhammad Jahangir Abid S/o Abid Hussain


Updated on 7th March, 2018

The above individuals are requested to come to Embassy along with the Original Passport  issued by Government of Pakistan for cancellation. The Certificates can also be collected through post by sending the original passport to the Embassy along with the returned stamped emvelope (Euro. 3.95 stamped)




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