Diplomatic Visa

Diplomatic Visa. Foreign Diplomats can apply for a GRATIS Visa for the entire tenure of their diplomatic assignment. Details are as under:-

  1. Eligibility 
    1. All diplomatic staff of foreign countries are eligible to apply for this visa.
    2. Diplomatic Visas will be granted against authorized slots only.
  2. URLhttp://visa.nadra.gov.pk/diplomatic-visa/ 
  3. Required Documents
    1. Photograph.
    2. Passport.
    3. Note Verbal by the sending State/ Organization.
    4. Letter of Recommendation (by MoFA).
  4. Duration and Validity.  An Official Visa is valid for the entire tenure of the Diplomatic Assignment.
  5. Processing Time 
  6. 7-10 working days (First time entry).
  7. 4-6 weeks (Visa Extension).