Business Visa

Business Visa. Details are as under:-

  1. Eligibility. German citizens and citizen of countries listed here ( are eligible to apply for this Visa.
  2. URL
  1. Required Documents
    1. Photograph.
    2. Passport.
    3. For Third Country nationals, submission of the valid German Visa and Anmeldung in Germany is mandatory.
    4. Proof of registration of company which is extending invitation (SECP/ Chamber of Commerce Certificate recommendation).
    5. Any of the following:-
  1. Original recommendation letter from CC&I of respective foreign country (Industrie- und Handelskammer-IHK in Germany).
  2. Original Invitation letter from business organization duly recommended by concerned trade organization in Pakistan.
  3. Original Recommendation letter by the honorary investment counselor of BOI/ Commercial Attaché.
  1. Duration and Validity
    1. A Business Visa may be granted for upto 5 years.
    2. A Business Visa is valid for Multiple Entries in to Pakistan.
  1. Processing Time
  1. Entry for Business Visa List countries :  24 Hours
  2. Entry for Non-Business Visa List countries : 4 Weeks
  3. Extension : 4 Weeks